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Collection of handmade teddy bears crafted in mohair, synthetic and recycled natural furs.  Plus custom teddy bears made from your own fabric.


handmade teddy bear with honey jar and beesMohair Teddy Bear with Needlefelted Face

Welcome to the home of LoriBelle Designs, a multi-faceted collection of handmade teddy bears by Bear Artisan, Lori Pappas. Within this collection you will find one-of-a-kind artist teddy bears crafted of authentic mohair fur, the hallmark of the finest teddy bears made by bear artisans worldwide and prized by all bear collectors!   

Beautiful high quality synthetic furs are also used to create unique teddy bears and make them more affordable to all! Click on the Synthetic Fur Bears link to see these collections.

LoriBelle Designs specializes in memory fabric bears.  If you have an article of clothing or other fabric which holds special meaning, and wish to turn it into a custom teddy bear, refer to Memory Fabric Bears for photos and more information.

LoriBelle Designs aims to provide a totally unique experience with each bear and hopes that you find one who will capture your heart!


handmade sloth 



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